What's your money mindset?

The more you understand your own relationship with money, the better you can help your family financially plan for the transfer of wealth.

0% of families
fail to pass down wealth over three generations1
Young woman in her twenties sitting on a couch beside her mother, both smiling at each other and wrapped in cozy sweaters.
0% of wealth transfers
miscarry due to breakdown of family communication and trust2

There are three key skills that can help you pass on wealth responsibly:

  • Financial Intelligence: the sum of your financial knowledge and skills plus your insight into your money personality and mindset.
  • Emotional Intelligence: the capability to recognize your own, and other people’s emotions and use emotional information to guide your thinking and behavior.
  • Family intelligence: the sum of all the financial and non-financial (family history, values and hopes) knowledge of the family.

Learn more about these three key skills at one of our events.

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Our events are designed to help families gain knowledge about how to financially plan to protect their wealth, pass it on and prepare the next generation.

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Gain insights on money matters

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1 Sullivan, Missy, “Lost Inheritance,” Wall Street Journal, March 8, 2013. 2 Kingsbury and Grubman, “Ensuring Success in Wealth Transfer: Involving and Preparing the Beneficiary,” Investments and Wealth Monitor, 2010.

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