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Liquidity Management

At BMO Harris Bank, we understand the importance of maximizing the value of your funds while retaining liquidity and control of your cash. We offer a range of solutions that automate the concentration, movement, and investment of your funds, so you can make the most of your surplus cash balances. Our experts will help you find the investment and deposit solutions that work best with your company's unique cash inflows while maximizing returns.

BMO Harris Bank's liquidity management solutions include:

  • Corporate Sweep Accounts - Automatically move your excess funds to selected investment instruments or efficiently pay down credit lines after your last transaction of the day
  • Money Market Deposit Accounts - Get a low-fee, short-term/high-yield investment solution for your idle cash balances
  • Direct Investment - Choose the investment solution that meets your unique business needs, including certificates of deposit, t-bills, term deposits, and longer-term investment solutions
  • BMO Harris Financial Advisors, Inc. - Through separately managed accounts, we can tailor an investment program suited to your risk and liquidity parameters while maximizing yield
  • Concentration Services - Automatically aggregate funds and account information to determine your cash position as well as forecast future cash flows

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