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Information Management

BMO Harris Bank understands that accurate, timely financial information is a key to your success. With effective information management, you can make informed business decisions based on real-time information and maximize the use of your funds. BMO Harris Bank offers a full range of information delivery and presentment options that streamline reporting functions and put up-to-the-minute information at your fingertips.

With our Web-based treasury management gateway, you can view reports online 24/7, or download account information in multiple formats for easy integration into your accounting systems. And our customized reporting tools can help you turn raw data into meaningful decision-support information.

  • Balance and Transaction Reports - Get real-time account information with detailed transaction reporting and consolidated payment reports merging lockbox, EDI, ACH, and wire payment data
  • Multibank Reporting - Merge data from multiple global financial institutions
  • Audit Reports - Access user permission and activity reports to assist with Sarbanes-Oxley reporting requirements
  • Flexible Formats - Receive reports in the format that works best with your internal systems, including BAI, comma delimited, Quicken, IIF, EDI and SWIFT.
  • Cash Flow Forecasting Tools - Get reports for available balances, average cash position, and transaction overviews to help with short-term forecasting. Multiday reports help you view transactions over a specified date range for longer-term planning
  • AutoConnect - Eliminate the manual retrieval of reports and download reports automatically from any location
  • Email Alerts - Be notified of incoming and outgoing electronic transactions, exception items, and available statements, as well as when you reach balance thresholds
  • Electronic Statements - Receive online statements for checking, money market, multicurrency, and sweep accounts, as well as reconcilement and account analysis

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