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Simplified payroll is just the beginning

As a busy small business owner, we understand the challenges you face, like managing your time and saving money. Recruiting, onboarding and processing payroll can be time-consuming—that’s why BMO Harris offers two easy and cost-effective HR and payroll options through our referral partner, Paychex®, to help free up your time so you can focus on growing your business.


A comprehensive solution that helps you manage your workforce all in one place:
  • Intuitive HR platform that helps you recruit, hire and pay employees
  • A dedicated cross-functional team on your account and provides you with full support
  • Payroll taxes are completely calculated, managed and paid on your behalf so there’s no need for manual processing or additional payroll support
  • Plus, when you meet with a Paychex representative to determine the best solution, you'll receive a free federal labor law poster.
Special offer: Get a 10% discount when you sign up for Paychex1.
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Business Online Payroll®1

A cost-effective online solution that offers complete payroll tax and filing services:
  • Allows you to process your payroll in just minutes
  • Payroll taxes are calculated and managed entirely by Business Online Payroll and paid on your behalf
  • Pay a flat monthly fee for unlimited payroll for up to 10 employees
Special offer: Sign up today and we’ll waive the service fee for two months1.
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1Customers who are referred by a BMO Harris banker during the BMO Harris Payroll Promotion will be eligible to receive 10% off a comprehensive payroll solution from Paychex® (“Discount”) OR receive 2 months of Business Online Payroll® at no charge (“Free Payroll”) (collectively the Discount and Free Payroll are referred to as the “Payroll Savings”). The Promotion begins October 2, 2017 and ends October 31, 2018 (“Promotion Effective Dates”). BMO Harris customers who meet the terms and conditions set forth below shall be eligible to receive the Payroll Savings.
To receive the Discount, a BMO Harris Customer must 1) be referred to Paychex and 2) become a Paychex Customer. The Discount may only be applied against payroll processing, tax payment services, employee pay services, and any bundled service package within three (3) months of receipt and may not be converted to U.S. dollars or refunded. The Discount may not be combined with the free Business Online Payroll offer.
To receive the two months of Business Online Payroll at no charge, a BMO Harris Customer must (1) be referred to Business Online Payroll; (2) become a Business Online Payroll Customer; and (3) process billable payroll with Business Online Payroll in the first and second month following their first processed payroll (“Months 1 and 2”). If the eligible BMO Harris Customer meets the above criteria, Business Online Payroll will waive the BMO Harris Customer’s service fees for the two months following Months 1 and 2. Free Payroll covers payroll and tax management service fees for up to ten (10) employees. BMO Harris Customers with more than 10 employees will incur $1.50 per employee per month service fees for each employee over 10. There may be additional exception fees. Free Payroll may only be applied in the two months following Months 1 and 2 and may not be converted to U.S. dollars or refunded. Free Payroll may not be combined with the Discount. Except as agreed to by Paychex or Business Online Payroll, this offer cannot be combined with other offers and is subject to termination at any time at the sole discretion of Paychex or Business Online Payroll. Payroll services available to BMO Harris customers only. Additional fees may apply.
Paychex® is a registered trademark of Paychex, Inc. Business Online Payroll® is a registered trademark of SurePayroll, A Paychex Company. Payroll services and special offers are provided by Paychex, Inc. and are subject to price changes by Paychex. BMO Harris Bank N.A. and Paychex are separate legal entities, which are not affiliated with each other in any way by common ownership, management, control or otherwise. The content, availability, and processing accuracy of the Paychex and SurePayroll websites and products are the responsibility of Paychex and SurePayroll. BMO Harris Bank N.A. makes no representations or warranties, either express or implied, of any kind with respect to the payroll services or any other products and services made available by Paychex or SurePayroll, including, without limitation, those of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Products and services made available by Paychex or SurePayroll are subject to their management and credit approval. Please ask your BMO Harris Banker for information regarding Paychex or SurePayroll.
BMO Harris Bank N. A. Member FDIC .