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Make the most of the equity in your home with a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). You’ll get quick access to cash whenever you need it, with no upfront fees and low to no closing costs.2

Choose from these HELOC intro rates for a limited time1
6-month intro rate 2.49% APR
12-month intro rate 3.24% APR

Then our variable rate will apply: % APR

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Enjoy flexibility and easy access to cash

A BMO Harris HELOC has benefits beyond low interest rates. You get the flexibility to choose between variable and fixed rates, and you can easily borrow against your loan whenever you need quick access to cash.

With a HELOC, you’ve got options

Use the equity in your home to fund a renovation project, pay down existing debt at a lower interest rate, or cover any surprise expenses.

Home improvement


Debt consolidation


Emergency fund


Here’s what you need to apply:

  • checkmark Employment and income information
  • checkmark Property information and your requested loan amount
  • checkmark Positive credit score (typically a minimum of 680)
  • checkmark Equity in your home to borrow against

Currently, we are not offering HELOCs for investment properties.

Tools and resources for your HELOC3

How much can I borrow?

How much can I borrow?

Calculate how much you can expect to borrow based on your home equity.

What will my payments be?

What will my payments be?

See what your monthly payments could be when you borrow against your HELOC.

What will my interest rate be?

What will my interest rate be?

Check out our competitive HELOC rates available in your area.

Home Equity Line of Credit help center

How does a HELOC work?

If you have equity in your home, you can borrow money by using that equity as collateral. For the first 10 years, known as the initial draw period, your payments will be interest-only, based on the amount you’ve borrowed. As you pay down your balance, the funds become available for use again. After 10 years, you’ll enter the repayment period. During this phase, your payments will include both principal and interest, and they may be higher than in the first phase.

HELOCs are issued at a variable rate of interest, which means your interest rate can change over the life of your line of credit. There’s a cap on how much the interest rate can change each time, as well as a lifetime cap on how much the rate can change over the duration of your loan.

You can also lock in all or part of your HELOC at any time during the draw period for a fixed rate that won’t change. We’ve included more details in the question about our Fixed Rate Lock Option below.

Can I lock in my HELOC rate?

You can lock in a fixed rate on some or all of your HELOC at any time during the draw period to pay down your balance with payments that won’t change. You can choose how long you’d like to lock down your rate, with terms ranging from 5 to 20 years. As the fixed rate balance is paid down, the principal amount paid off becomes available for use again as part of the credit line.

You can lock in up to three advances at a time. There is no fee if you lock your rate at closing, but there is a $75 fee for each lock you place after that. If you change your mind at any time, you can always go back to a variable rate HELOC without having to refinance.

How do I qualify for a HELOC?

We look at many factors as part of your HELOC application, including:

  • Your credit history and income
  • Other debt or financial obligations
  • The amount you’ve requested
  • The equity in your home

The equity you can borrow also depends on how much you have left to pay toward your mortgage compared to the value of your home.

After you submit your application, we’ll work with you if there’s any additional documentation needed.

If you need a smaller loan amount or want to access money sooner, a personal line of credit might be right for you. Or access resources to improve your financial health from our partner SpringFour.

How long does the HELOC application process take?

The full application process usually takes about 30 days. You can speed up the process by using our online application system and by getting all your documentation to us as quickly as possible. If your line of credit is approved, you’ll receive a commitment letter. Then we’ll work with you to schedule your closing and soon after you’ll be able to access your funds.

Are there fees or closing costs associated with the loan? Is there a fee for paying off and closing the line of credit?

Good news! There are no up-front costs for your HELOC and we pay many of your closing costs. There’s a $75 annual fee on your first monthly statement and each year after through the ninth anniversary of the loan opening. If you close your account within 36 months, a closing cost recoupment fee may be charged to recover the closing costs we paid on your behalf.2

How do I access my funds and make payments?

If you’re approved, you can access your loan funds three business days after closing. After that required waiting period, it’s easy to access your funds. You can transfer money from your loan account to a checking account through mobile or online banking, by phone, at a branch or by checks that we’ll send you. You’ll receive a welcome package by mail that contains your access checks within 7-10 business days after closing.

You can choose the payment method that’s most convenient for you. You can set up automatic monthly payments with Auto Pay using any BMO Harris Checking account. And if you set up Auto Pay during the application process, we’ll reward you with a 0.50% interest rate discount!2

You can also pay online, by mail or when you visit a branch. You can make larger payments at any time without incurring fees. For all the details, visit Ways to Bank.

1. Special offers are subject to change. This offer does not apply to any loan that will be used to purchase the subject property.

Introductory Rate:

The introductory rate offer is available on new applications received from 3/1/2020 through 5/31/2020. The introductory rate is fixed during the introductory period. Depending on loan to value ratio, the introductory rate ranges from 2.49% APR to 3.49% APR for 6 months. No discounts are available during the introductory period. Additional introductory terms are available. Please consult a banker for more details.

2. Costs and Fees

Variable Rate Information

For a Home Equity Line of Credit, the annual percentage rate (APR) is a variable rate based on The Wall Street Journal® Prime Rate (3.25% on 5/1/2020) plus a margin that varies depending on the state in which property is located, individual credit qualifications, credit limit amount, loan to value ratio and other criteria. Rates shown are for first lien lines of credit of $100,000 secured by an owner occupied 1-4 family residence with a loan-to-value (LTV) of 70% or less with a 0.50% Auto Pay discount. The maximum APR is 18.00% or the maximum permitted by law, whichever is less.

In , your APR would be from % to %.

To receive a 0.50% Auto Pay rate discount you must authorize BMO Harris Bank to withdraw your home equity line of credit payment each month from a BMO Harris checking account (Auto Pay).

Closing Costs and Fee Information

BMO Harris will pay closing costs for loans secured by an owner-occupied 1 to 4 family residence in: AZ, FL, IL, IN, KS, MN, MO or WI. You will be charged a $75 annual fee on the loan opening date and each year after during the Draw Period. If the property is located in FL or MN, you are responsible for mortgage and government taxes. If you close your account within 36 months, a closing cost recoupment fee may be charged to recover the closing costs BMO Harris paid on your behalf.

Insurance Information

You must obtain property insurance and may be required to obtain flood insurance.

3. Calculator is provided by Leadfusion Inc., which is not affiliated with BMO Harris. The calculator provides estimates. We do not guarantee their accuracy or applicability to your circumstances. Results depend on many factors, including the assumptions you provide. Leadfusion may have different privacy and security standards than BMO Harris. Visit its website at open externally to review its privacy policy.