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Am I still on track?

Whether you already have a retirement plan or not, if you're less than 10 years from retirement, it's time to see where you stand. Use the Retirement Readiness Checklist below to identify any gaps in your retirement strategy. Then, meet with a BMO Harris financial advisor to complete your plan.

  • What are my sources of income for retirement? Will they meet my needs?
  • Do I have a plan to pay down any remaining debt?
  • Am I financially prepared (with insurance or other sources) in case I become sick or disabled?
  • Do I want to relocate?
  • Will I continue to work, even part time, after I retire?
  • What happens if my spouse dies? How will that change my financial situation?
  • Do I need life insurance? Can I keep my current policy but stop making premium payments?
  • When should I begin to take Social Security payments? Can I delay taking payments in order to get a higher income?
  • How will my expenses change in retirement?
  • Do I want to leave an inheritance for my children and grandchildren?
  • Do my spouse and I agree on our retirement plans?

Retirement planning is all about feeling confident about your future. Use our helpful Take Charge of Your Retirement tool. Then, work with a BMO Harris financial advisor to help bring your retirement picture to life.

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