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An effective tool to manage and transition your wealth

Whatever your level of wealth, an estate plan is a valuable tool to help protect your assets and make sure they transition to the next generation according to your wishes. Even if you've already designated beneficiaries on your financial accounts, an estate plan can spell out specific instructions to have your assets distributed smoothly and tax-efficiently, in many cases avoiding the delay of probate. It can also designate who should make medical or financial decisions for you if you become incapacitated.

Ask a BMO Harris financial advisor to connect you with our highly experienced in-house specialists who can help define your wishes and work with your attorney to facilitate the plan. They can also prepare your future heirs to receive and manage their inheritance when the time comes.

Estate planning knowledge

Call on us for help:

  • Determining your need for a will, revocable trust, Power of Attorney and Durable Power of Attorney
  • Understanding the probate process
  • Administering a trust, including collecting and holding trust assets
  • Serving as executor or trustee, or acting as agent for an executor or trustee

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