• Your financial journey

    What lies on the road ahead, financially speaking? Will you and your money arrive at the same milestones at the same time? Will your banking and investment strategies be ideally aligned for where you are at the moment — and where you hope to be in the future?

    Your financial life is a long journey, which is why it’s essential to have the insight and experience needed to help you navigate change and seize opportunities no matter where your path leads. With a BMO Harris Premier Services team, you get the dedicated, personalized perspective to help you take stock of your current location and prepare you for whatever waits beyond the horizon.

    Working together, a BMO Harris Premier Banker and a Financial Advisor provide a strategic, individualized approach to your finances. So no matter where you are or where you’re going, Premier Services helps you take control of your money and enjoy the peace of mind that control can bring.

  • Building a foundation

    You’ve achieved a good measure of success but are ready to make your money do more. You might be buying a new home or renovating an existing one to accommodate a growing family. At the same time, you’re working to save for large life goals and necessities, from retirement to a child’s college education to unplanned expenses. You need banking and investment* services that can help you put a coordinated financial plan in place and let you manage your spending, savings, borrowing and investing with greater confidence.

    Your Premier Services team can help:

    Establish banking strategies, coordinate lending opportunities, offer short- and long-term investment solutions and improve your cash management.

  • Growing wealth

    You are in or approaching your peak earning years. Your savings and investment plan is more important than ever, with your children growing and your financial responsibilities becoming more complex. You might be deciding to start a business or travel more. It’s time to revisit your financial plan to find more robust solutions to short- and long-term goals. From various borrowing strategies to cash management, insurance and investment* solutions to ongoing retirement planning, your need for a more hands-on approach to your total financial life is expanding.

    Your Premier Services team can help:

    Monitor and adjust your investment plan, identify insurance solutions, leverage lending products to provide smart sources of cash and maximize your banking assets to provide the money you need, when you need it.

  • Taking the long view

    You’re in the home stretch toward retirement, seeking more sophisticated banking and investment* strategies that align with your future financial objectives. You might be close to paying off your mortgage, seeing children leave the house and having children of their own. You may be looking toward late-career business opportunities and diverting more discretionary income toward retirement planning. You may also be preparing for potential healthcare needs through options like supplemental and long-term care insurance. Your needs might include additional banking solutions and financial services like retirement planning, as well as a re-examination of your insurance and investment strategies.

    Your Premier Services team can help:

    Provide investment and banking strategies that can position you for retirement, update and adjust your insurance portfolio, and identify affordable sources of cash.

  • Securing retirement

    You’re ready to enjoy the fruits of your labors and focus on the things that matter most to you. Maybe you’ll work for a few more years or perhaps share your experience as a volunteer. You might think about downsizing to a smaller home or buying a second one. Medical costs may become a consideration. At this point, you need to closely monitor and manage a nest egg that may need to see you through a few more decades. Tax-advantaged investment* strategies, insurance solutions, and wealth transfer and distribution may be top of mind. More than ever, a coordinated, balanced approach to both banking and investments may become more important to your long-term financial security.

    Your Premier Services team can help:

    Make essential changes to your investment portfolio that can help satisfy the need for greater income and wealth preservation, provide home loans and other lending products, continue to review your insurance situation and prepare you for the future dispersal of your assets.

Welcome About Premier Services Total Financial Approach Tailored Offerings

Making money takes time. But so does ensuring you’re making your wealth do the most it can. The fact is, the peace of mind success brings can be accompanied by worries that you’re not managing, protecting and growing your wealth as effectively as you should.

Enjoy confidence in your financial life. At BMO Harris, we believe a higher level of financial achievement demands a higher level of attention. That’s why we invite you to explore BMO Harris Premier Services.

With BMO Harris Premier Services, you enjoy the benefits of a unique and highly personalized banking and investment relationship. Your Premier Banker and a Financial Advisor work together, and in close collaboration with you, to craft a personalized approach to your financial needs and goals designed to stand the test of time.

Enjoy advantages and benefits such as:

Your Premier Banker and your Financial Advisor* will work to bring you a focused and strategic planning approach to your financial needs that can simplify complexities and uncover opportunities you might not have considered.

Based on your goals, your BMO Harris Premier Services team can bring in other team members to help create a total financial solution for your needs today and tomorrow. It all starts with a simple, flexible and effective approach that allows your financial strategy to evolve with your circumstances.

Clarify your goals

We listen carefully to understand your core values, ambitions and priorities, focusing on what matters most to you.

Assess where you are

We review your financial situation, including the products and services you use today.

Create an action plan

Based on our understanding of your life goals, we help identify the steps necessary to address your most important financial priorities.

Evaluate your options

Our team works with you to proactively research and review the services and strategies we offer that can help you improve your financial outlook.

Implement your plan

We leverage our resources to help you implement and adjust the financial strategies that fit your needs.

Manage change

We maintain a close relationship with you, regularly reviewing your financial status, assessing your progress, identifying any additional needs, and introducing new solutions we offer that may better serve you and your goals.

A Premier Services relationship puts a wealth of resources at your disposal, starting with the attention and knowledge of your Premier Services team.

A Powerful Team

The experience you get from your Premier Banker and your Financial Advisor is backed by a range of financial specialists your team can access to help meet your specific needs and goals.

Banking Services1

Personal Services

  • BMO Harris Portfolio Checking® 2
  • Savings and Money Market Accounts2
  • Personal loans/lines of credit3
  • Closing cost discounts on certain mortgage
    loan products and more4

Business Services

  • Business checking and savings accounts
  • Lending solutions3
  • Business credit cards3
  • Payroll processing4

Investment Services–
BMO Harris Financial Advisors, Inc.*

Personal Services

  • Professionally managed, diversified portfolios
  • Fixed-income strategies
  • Mutual funds and annuities, and more

Financial Planning

  • Retirement accumulation planning
  • Asset allocation assessment
  • Lifetime income planning

Insurance Solutions

  • Life, disability and long-term care insurance

Online Services

BMO Harris Online Banking®

Whether you want to view account activity, transfer funds, pay bills6, schedule automatic payments6, download account statements or simply manage your accounts, BMO Harris Online Banking lets you do all of this and more — anytime, from anywhere.

BMO Harris Mobile BankingSM

Easily view and manage your accounts — pay bills, deposit checks and transfer funds7 — all while on the go.

BMO Harris Total Look®

With Total Look, you can easily monitor your BMO Harris and non-BMO Harris online accounts including credit cards, loans, mortgages and investments — all in one secure location. Manage your money, track your spending and get the big-picture view of your financial health with this convenient online tool.

1 Bank deposit and loan services are subject to bank and credit approval and are provided by BMO Harris Bank N.A. Member FDIC.

2 Minimum opening deposit of $100 required. Fees apply to these accounts and additional deposit accounts are available. Complete terms and conditions will be provided to you when you apply.

3 Loans, lines of credit and credit cards are subject to bank and credit approval.

4 Subject to bank and credit approval. The closing cost discount is available on a new BMO Harris mortgage loan with Auto Pay from your BMO Harris Portfolio Checking® account. FHA loans do not require Auto Pay to receive this discount. Mortgage closing cost discount excludes RefiXpress loans and is only available when purchasing or refinancing a primary residence.

5 Payroll services are made available by a third-party provider that is not affiliated with BMO Harris Bank N.A., either by common ownership, management, control or otherwise. BMO Harris Bank N.A. makes no representations or warranties, either express or implied, of any kind with respect to any products and services made available or performed by third-party providers including, without limitation, those of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Products and services made available by third-party providers are subject to the management and credit approval of such third-party providers. Please ask your BMO Harris Banker for information regarding third-party providers.

6 Available to BMO Harris Bill Pay® customers only. Add bill payment to your online banking account by signing in and clicking the Payments tab, then the Enroll button.

7 Message and data rates may apply. Contact your wireless carrier for details. BMO Harris Mobile Deposit is available for iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ Apps only. Users must be BMO Harris Online Banking® customers who have had a BMO Harris deposit account for more than 90 days. Deposits are not immediately available for withdrawal. For details, please see the BMO Harris Mobile Banking End User Terms found at bmoharris.com/legal.

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