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Insights and strategies for today's retirees

Whether you're still planning for retirement or are already there, the BMO Wealth Institute provides thought-provoking insights and financial strategies to help you make the most of your retirement. The Institute examines a variety of topics and issues comprehensive reports on financial and non-financial aspects of this milestone. Ask your BMO Harris financial advisor to help you apply this intelligence to your retirement planning strategy.

July 2016

Your Personal Net Worth Statement
As you navigate along the roadmap of your life, the amount of financial resources available to you to help you go where you want and do what you want will vary. Your success in some part will depend on how well you adapt financially to the obstacles you encounter along the way as you balance your decisions between saving, investing, borrowing, and spending.

March 2016

What’s your retirement game plan?
Life is all about transitions, like graduation, starting a family, changing jobs, moving to a new home, raising a family, and eventually, retirement. While many of us successfully negotiate these transitions, retirement often poses the greatest challenge.

December 2015

The Bank of Mom and Dad – a source of comfort for everyone
The perception of wealth influences how families use their financial resources to achieve personal and family goals. The Bank of Mom and Dad is seen as an important factor in helping meet these goals. These days, many parents feel they are on track to being financially comfortable, but worry that their children are not going to attain the same level of comfort on their own resources. As the population of the United States ages, the demands placed on the health care system and the need for long-term care options continue to rise. The question of whether Americans have adequately prepared for their future health and long-term care needs will be answered in the coming years as a wave of baby boomers retire.

September 2015

Who will be your caregiver?
As the population of the United States ages, the demands placed on the health care system and the need for long-term care options continue to rise. The question of whether Americans have adequately prepared for their future health and long-term care needs will be answered in the coming years as a wave of baby boomers retire.

March 2015

Financial Concerns of Women
Women have made incredible strides, both professionally and personally, in the last half-century. They are better educated, have greater responsibility in the corporate world and are leaders in many professions. Despite the professional and financial successes that women in the workplace have earned in recent generations, they are still facing personal issues and unresolved challenges.

December 2014

The Life of an Entrepreneur
Entrepreneurs will start with an idea; they will nurture and grow that idea into a viable business. While there will be stresses and successes along the way, their business will thrive with careful planning and strategic partnerships. They will surround themselves with people who can help them grow the business and transition from it to secure their future and the well-being of their family.

July 2014

The Four Keys to Longevity
By 2050, it is estimated that there will be more than one million centenarians living in the U.S. The times are certainly changing, with medical advances and technological breakthroughs helping people live much longer than they ever anticipated they would.

May 2014

Understanding Disability – Planning for Financial Well-Being
A disability can affect a family in so many ways: physically, emotionally and financially. Dealing with these pressures can put added stress on the financial well-being of an individual, their family and their caregivers. With the incidence of disability rising as our population ages, disability should be a concern and a shared responsibility for all. The latest BMO Wealth Institute Report underscores the importance of proactive planning and professional advice for individuals with disabilities, their caregivers, and their families.

February 2014

Getting Ahead: The Financial Challenges for Generations X and Y
Generation X (born between 1965 and 1980) and Generation Y (born between 1981 and 2000) are confident about their ability to achieve key financial priorities that include home ownership, funding college education and saving and investing for retirement. However, this optimism may be misguided given that both groups are facing a unique set of obstacles that could hamper their ability to achieve their financial goals.

October 2013

The Financial Balancing Act for Business Owners
Owners of a private business constantly face the difficult challenge of balancing the needs of their business with the needs of their family. There are financial and time trade-offs that business owners must constantly make as they strive to generate predictable business earnings and growth that can be used to help them achieve their personal financial goals.

July 2013

The Family Conversation You Should Not Avoid: How to Discuss Your Legacy
Traditionally, estate planning has focused on estate administration and tax considerations and having the proper legal documents in place. It is now understood that the emotional impact on those left behind calls for the concept of enhanced estate planning to be introduced. Enhanced estate planning requires having the often difficult conversations necessary to share the background and reasoning behind the estate decisions that have been made that your heirs will have to implement.

May 2013

Life events that may derail a financial plan
The financial impacts of an unexpected major life event can be alarming and derail your financial plan. This report explores ways that families can prepare and plan for potential risks and create a more secure financial position.

March 2013

Top 5 Mistakes Parents Make Saving for Their Child's Education
College costs have been increasing steadily over the past decade. This report explores the common mistakes parents should avoid when creating their education savings plan.

October 2012

Retirees not maximizing Social Security retirement benefits
Many Retirees are not aware of options and strategies that could result in maximizing Social Security benefits. The report examines what influences individuals to take Social Security early and stresses the importance of making informed decisions.

August 2012

Broadening the Approach to Planning for Retirement
This report explores the attitudes and behaviors (in both boomers and the younger generations) towards the involvement in the retirement planning process and the degree to which these non-financial aspects impact an individual's preparedness for retirement.

April 2012

Estate planning in the 21st century: New considerations in a changing society
While the basics of estate planning have been the same for centuries, the traditional approach needs to be broadened to reflect new realities. This report takes a closer look at three trends and suggests ways in which individuals can adapt their estate plans to reflect these developments.

March 2012

Complementary paths to retirement: How men and women can learn from one another
Men and women exhibit different behaviors when it comes to saving, investing, and planning for retirement planning. This report suggests ways in which they can learn from one another to improve the outcomes of their retirement by adopting each other's positive characteristics and successful behaviors.

February 2012

Single in retirement: What retirement challenges do single Boomers face?
The odds of being single at some point during retirement are high, whether by divorce, death, or never marrying in the first place. Being single in retirement presents a unique set of financial, emotional and planning challenges for Boomers.

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