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Personalized advice and a tailored investment approach

Your path to financial success is different from everyone else's. Whether you prefer professional asset management or a traditional, full-service brokerage relationship, BMO Harris Financial Advisors can help. We use a disciplined, personal approach to help you develop a sound strategy. This thoughtful and thorough process helps us understand your needs and provide informed investment direction.

Our investment process

  1. Understanding you and your vision of the future
    Together, we consider the factors that can affect the success of your strategy: your tolerance for risk, your timeframe, your investment preferences and your unique circumstances.
  2. Allocating your assets
    What's the right blend of assets for your portfolio? We'll ask you meaningful questions, set realistic return expectations and gauge your comfort with ups and downs in the market.
  3. Implementing your portfolio strategy
    Smart selection and blending of investments can help deliver consistent and sustainable performance. You may choose a traditional brokerage account or a managed account relationship.
  4. Tracking your progress
    Through regular reviews, we can compare your portfolio's performance to your stated objectives and address life events that may alter your goals. Periodic rebalancing helps ensure that your investment plan stays on course.

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